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Facebook Messenger gets an assistant named “Messenger M”

The premise of M is: you can receive suggestions to take actions right from the message screen based on the context of your conversation.

M can offer suggestions via a pop-up bubble that can request a car ride, share apps, send money to your friends and many more.

Starting today, the following core features will be available on Messenger M:

-Sticker suggestions

-Requesting or sending money

-Location sharing

-Making plans with friends (reminder for recipients of that chat)

-Making polls in group chat

-Requesting a ride from Uber or Lyft


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Facebook integration in comments for GIFs.

The posibility to use GIFs in comments may soon arrive to the social platform!

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Facebook Messenger gets reactions and mentions in conversations

This feature is about the same as the iMessage app for iOS in which you can add stickers to the messages.

The reactions could be the same as in the facebook app but we would want to see some customisation though!

Something like that:

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Super Mario Run for Android!

After months of waiting the game finally is available to the Android devices and not just for the iOS devices!

The game is free for the first few levels and if you want to continue playing you have to buy the rest of the levels by an “in app purchase”

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Google’s Modular Project Ara


After a lot of waiting time Google will be officially launching the “developers” Project Ara in this fall.

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