Friday , 22 May 2015
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Personalization and Mobility: Key to a Successful Ecommerce Website

display magento products on homepage

For ecommerce websites, optimization helps not only bring increasing traffic to your website, it can significantly enhance sales. Personalization and mobility are 2 examples of optimization techniques that provided ecommerce websites with the optimized boost they require to excel. Here is a closer look at both methods and how they are key to a successful ecommerce website. Personalization and Personalized ... Read More »

How to: Display all Magento products on homepage

display magento products on homepage

Today I will show you how to display all the products of a Magento store on its HomePage. This can be used also to display all the products on a particular page or maybe a custom Page. Step 1: Login into your Magento Admin Dashboard; Step 2: Go to: CMS -> Pages -> And choose Home Page; Step 3: Now ... Read More »

How to: Set up / Reset Magento Permissions via SSH

display magento products on homepage

This tutorial will work for any version of Magento. This lessons and tips must be used when proper permissions is needed, next cases: – Installing of a Magento theme; – After installing an extension, when receive the error “Not Found” in Magento -> Admin -> Configuration -> System -> Extension not working /(or)/ The extension is not showing any settings. ... Read More »

How to remove mangento poll block

display magento products on homepage

Magento is nowadays the most known CMS if we are talking about eCommerce. We all know that a magento store have at its base blocks. Category blocks, Subcategories blocks, polls block, manufacturers blocks and more. Todays question for Stanley is: How to remove a default magento block like: Mangento poll block? In a Magento webstore you can easily remove the ... Read More »

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