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Footprints #02: MediaWiki SEO Footprints

Media wiki footprints

With everyone can now search for the perfect and useful Mediawiki backlinks lists with some help from our MediaWiki SEO Footprints center . In today’s post we will provide a huge list of MediaWiki SEO Footprints. With these footprints you can search for wiki websites where to post your articles. [highlight]WARNING[/highlight]: Almost mediawiki backlinks are noFollow, so use them carefully.

General Media wiki backlinks:

  • “powered by mediawiki”
  • inurl:”special:userlogin”
  • “This page was last modified on” inurl:wiki
  • “main page” “random page” inurl:wiki
  • “mediawiki” “This page was last modified on”
  • “mediawiki” “This page has been accessed”
  • “Log in / create account” inurl:index.php?title=Main_Page
  • allinurl:”http://wiki.”
  • allinurl:”http://mediawiki.”
  • allinurl:”http://wikka.”
  • Mac OS wikis.
  • “Log in / create account” inurl:index.php?title=Main_Page
  • “The wiki, blog, calendar, and mailing list”
  • “Log in to my page” “wikis”
  • inurl:groups “log in to my page”
  • “updates” “wikis” “blogs” “calendar” “mail”
  • “Mac OS X Server – Wikis”
  • “first” “prev” “1-20 of” “next” inurl:groups
  • “What’s Hot” “Recent Changes”
  • “What’s Hot” “Recent Changes” “Upcoming Events”
  • “What’s Hot” “Recent Changes” “Upcoming Events” “Tags”
  • “What’s Hot” “Recent Changes” “Upcoming Events” “Tags” “Edited”

.Edu .Gov Media wiki backlinks:

  • inurl:wiki
  • allinurl:”.edu/wiki/index.php”
  • allinurl:”.edu/mediawiki/index.php”
  • inurl:groups “log in to my page” site:edu
  • “log in / create account” mediawiki
  • inurl:wiki
  • allinurl:”.gov/wiki/index.php”
  • allinurl:”.gov/mediawiki/index.php”
  • inurl:groups “log in to my page” site:gov

Local Media wiki backlinks:(by country domain)

  • allinurl:”.com/mediawiki/index.php”
  • allinurl:”.net/mediawiki/index.php”
  • allinurl:”.org/mediawiki/index.php”
  • allinurl:”.info/mediawiki/index.php”
  • allinurl:”.com/wiki/index.php”
  • allinurl:”.net/wiki/index.php”
  • allinurl:”.org/wiki/index.php”
  • allinurl:”.info/wiki/index.php”
  • allinurl:”index.php?title=Usuario:” site:es
  • allinurl:”index.php?title=Usuario:” site:cl
  • allinurl:”index.php?title=Usuario:” site:ar
  • allinurl:”index.php?title=Usuario:” site:mx
  • allinurl:”index.php?title=user:” site:com
  • allinurl:”index.php?title=Utilisateur:” site:fr
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