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14 Ways to get traffic for your website

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Today the most important thing for any webmaster is to have a site as good as possible, very popular and bring a lot of visitors to the site. That’s why today we will remember some of the most important factors to bring constant visitors on your website.

1. The most important factor is the content of your website.
The content MUST be updated daily if you want to have a popular and returning visitors. The content is the gold rulle of Search Engine Optimisation. If your content is unique and original Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN and other will list you on their first page for your website niche. But if you have duplicate content you can get banned by search engine and you will lose all your visitors. So, our tip for any webmaster is: Keep your website content clean, without infrigements.

2. Choose your domain name carefully.
Let’s see one example: If you would like to have an website about fashion if good to choose your website name including the keyword “fashion” on it or including any other related keyword with “fashion”. If you don’t have ideas about your brand name you can visit this website. If will need an account then you can enter your “fashion” keyword for example the they will generate for you brand names. Fell free to use that service. Its amazing. This way you will build a strong website name that will be SEO Friendly with your business. Also the website will be quickly found on Search Engines and the number of visitors will increasse.

3. Optimize the website site for Search Engines.
Search engines can be a major way to bring visitors and returning visitors to your website. So please keep in mind the SEO part. You can start the optimisation by yourself. I forgot to say that there are two types of SEO optimisation (Onsite SEO optimisation and Offisite SEO optimisation). First of all solve the onsite SEO part because its the most important step, then you cen proceed to the Offsite SEO part. The onsite will covor aspects like: Metatitles, metatags, meta description, installing Google Analytics and Google WebMaster Tool, generate your sitemap.xml, creating the robots.txt, Setting up the alt attribute for images, Setting up the Headings (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6), be careful with the “Text/HTML ratio”. An important fact is to get off the Flash from your website (Search engine robots and spiders can’t crawl the fish files for content).

4. Update the contents of your website frequently.
As much you will update the content of your website the search engine crawlers will notify the search engines that your website is maintained constantly. Don’t forget the 1st tip: Always create original content for your website.

5. Start an Offsite SEO campaign
The offsite Search Engine can be the most important fact to bring real visitors to your website. If you are a dedicated webmaster you can start by creating High Quality backlinks. Best backlinks are the Social Bookmarks, Blog posts and guest posts. Also you can create blog comments but stay away from the High Spammed websites.You can check the Outbound links of awebsite with this tool. The OBL must be under 50 links.

6. Submit your website to online directories
When you submit your website on a directory can be a easy task if we are talking about free directories but if we are talking about paid listing directories like Yahoo Directory your task will be a bit difficult. So for the moment you can start submitting your website on free directories like:

  1. dmoz.com
  2. somuch.com
  3. a1webdirectory.org
  4. illumirate.com
  5. directory.classifieds1000.com
  6. webworldindex.com
  7. tsection.com
  8. 1abc.org
  9. amray.com
  10. 1websdirectory.com
  11. synergy-directory.com
  12. nexusdirectory.com
  13. directoryfire.com
  14. mastermoz.com
  15. directmylink.com
  16. 9sites.net
  17. prolinkdirectory.com
  18. searchsight.com
  19. elitesitesdirectory.com
  20. addsitelink.com
  21. info-listings.com

7. Use Social Networks to share your links
You must make your brand visible on Social Networking Websites like: Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUppon, Reddit, Pinterest and more. You can bring a lot of visitors if you will gain a good public from these social networks websites. When you have a new post on your website its good to share that link on the sites that we listed few moments ago. People are enjoing the social networks and if you can steal their concentration and attention to your website then you can be happy with a high number of visitors.

8. Use a suggestive FAVICON
Also known by webmasters as a shortcut icon, Web site icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon the favicon is a small icon which will appear on the link address tab on your browser.

9. Do link exchange with other sites in your niche
You can do this by exchanging your website link with other sites in your niche. But be careful which website you will exchange. Always search for a website in your niche, which will have a pagerank as big as your website have, or maybe why not Bigger than your website pagerank. This will increase the authority of your website(the pagerank). Use the blogroll widget for link exchange services.

10. Use any possible way to promote your website
Free promotion is always welcome, so don’t neglect it. There are many ways to promote your site for free and some of the most popular include free announcements, presentations to directories, inclusion in the various lists, so it is true that not all free ways to promote your site and your work, but if you choose the right places to promote your site for free, this can also result in tons of traffic.

11. Use forum promotion
You can search for high pageranked forums that are in your niche and you can start interactive discussions with the members. Here you can include in your signature your website link of keyword. This way people will be very interested to see your amazing signature:).

12. Use “About me” feature for blogs
If you are a good blogger then you must share your short biography in your posts. But don’t forget to include your website link in your bio, your facebook page, twitter and so on.

13. Make your website business trustable
We all know that any big trust of these days has success, so try to create a trust. You can do that with a suggestive logo, buying ads on high rated websites.

14. Start a Google Adwords campaign
If you are a bit smarter you can bring a lot of visitors with a very known tool from google: Google Adwords. I will list here some High Importance tips when you start an Adwords Campaign:

  1. Use keywords in ad text;
  2. Keep ad group keyword list short;
  3. Bid high initially;
  4. Set daily budget higher than Google recommends;
  5. Avoid bidding wars


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