5 Tips to make professional photos with a smartphone

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Todays photos taken with mobile phone or smartphone came to replace much part of the professional photographers work. But even unwanted photos can say much informations about us.

But we think the bit the camera limitations of a smartphone can be overcome with only few photographer skills. And maybe with some advices from see daily photos on social networking uploaded directly by messenger or email from smartphone (Android, iOS or Windows mobile devices). Let’s see some simple rules to convert taken pictures with smartphone in better pictures.

  • How to keep the phone?
  • My advice. Do not take pictures with the smartphone in portrait mode. That goes for filming too. You must use the the entire width of the lens that expands to fit some decor besides character.
  • How to frame the picture?
  • Learn to respect the holy trinity, just kidding. Rule of thirds. A third ground, the middle for the posing, and a third of the sky. Too much of any of them, and the picture looks terrible.
  • You should be always behind the sun.
  • If you create outdoor pictures, you have to be always behind the sun, not the filmed character. Otherwise your model will look black. But you can solve this problem with two solutions from StanleyTips. You can get an artistic effect if you put the character behind the sun and use the integrated flash. Or HDR. That keeps the camera still on a position. It will make two pictures. One more and one less exposed, and then superimpose them to be seen and the sky and the model.
  • Improved photos.
  • There are thousands of photo applications that will help you to make more interesting pictures. Facebook already uses Instagram and twitter application has improved their pictures filters.

Today I will recommend some funny and interesting photo apps: [highlight]Cycloramic[/highlight] and [highlight]Split Pic Pro.[/highlight]

  • Note the GPS tag.
  • Most smartphone cameras automatically adds the place where my picture was taken. You will probably not scare at first thought, but if you say so some thieves know where you are standing, where you’ve been … Go to menu, the locale settings and disable this information for future photos.

Now “we know” how to make professional photos with a smatphone, but how to organise all our photos is the easiest and cool way? The solution is not to keep them on the phone. Your device can break down or disappear and the pictures are lost. Use a cloud service. There are already a lot. Let’s quickly take place.

  1. Facebook lets you climb all the pictures from phone in the account and you can keep them private. The problem is that if you make public by mistake you can have problems. But anyway be careful.
  2. Google do the same service Google Plus and lets you climb as many pictures as long as no more than 2 MB per file.
  3. Dropbox is a perfect tool, can be installed quickly and allows you to take the picture when you get a phone and wifi, it automatically climb the cloud account. From there you can see on other phones, tablets or computers. You can recover if the phone disappears.
  4. Check mobile operators too. For example Vodafone offer new cloud services that include a few GBs of storage.

The best solution for you is to download them regularly.



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