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Top 10 jQuery Gallery Plugins ready to be used in projects

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Hello everybody! Today I’m gonna present you the best +10 jQuery Gallery(Lightbox) Plugins ready to be used in projects with ease. Most of them can be found free on GitHub. Each plugin will have a demo url and also a url to its source.

So let’s start.

1. jQuery lightgallery

This is my favorite jQuery Gallery Plugin, starting with 2015. Why? The answer is simple: It is a customizable, modular, responsive, lightbox gallery plugin for jQuery.


2. jQuery Swipebox

Swipebox is a jQuery “lightbox” plugin for desktop, mobile and tablet. It comes with: Swipe gestures for mobile, Keyboard Navigation for desktop, CSS transitions with jQuery fallback, Retina support for UI icons, Easy CSS customization!


3. Lightbox for Bootstrap 3

Utilizes Bootstraps modal plugin to implement a lightbox gallery. This LightBox comes with multiple themes: DarkNyan theme.


4. Simple Lightbox

Touch-friendly image lightbox for mobile and desktop with jQuery.

Features: responsive. touch friendlyswipe gestures for next/previous image, easy to install, easy to use. Only some css is included. You can change the style like you want! Preloading next and previous image. CSS3 Transitions with fallback for older browsers.


5. Animated Masonry Gallery with Filters


6. jQuery Gridder (Thumbnail Grid Expanding Preview)


7. Expandable Project Presentation (by Codyhouse)


8. Lightcase.js

Lightcase is a powerful and flexible Lightbox Plugin for desktop and mobile devices. It uses CSS3 for all transitions, deals with separate resources related to device density or viewport, and supports all modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 9+ and more.


9. Google Grid Gallery

This is a responsive Masonry grid with a gallery view using 3D Transforms. Based on the gallery seen on the Chrome book Getting Started guide by Google.


10. VenoBox

VenoBox is a beautiful jQuery lightbox plugin, suitable for images, inline contents, iFrames, Google-Maps, Ajax requests, Vimeo and YouTube videos.


Have you enjoyed the list? If so, you can leave me your thought, including Pros and Cons. Do you have any other preferred jQuery Gallery plugins? Please let me know.

I am a self made webmaster, blogger, web technology enthusiast and founder of StanleyTips.com.
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