Best Ice Hockey Pucks

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Hockey pucks are essential to any hockey player to have in their bag. Practicing on and off the ice will make you a better player over all. The size of a hockey puck is very important when Picking a puck as well as the material. The first thing you need to decide when choosing a puck is what purpose it will be serving. Is the puck going to be for practicing slap shots and at goal shots or for passing purposes. Is the puck going to be used for on ice practice or off ice practice? You have to decide If the puck is going to be an indoor puck or an outside puck. Is the purpose to improve on ice games or as a street hockey puck. Once those questions are answered then you can move on to deciding what is the best puck for you.

A&R Puck

The NHL, SHL, and AHL all use A&R hockey pucks. They are based in the Czech Republic and have been in business for well over 20 years. The sizes of the hockey puck is the standard weight and size of 3 inches in diameter, 1 inch thick and 6 ounces. They are made of Vulcanized Rubber. This allows them to glide across the surface of the ice smoothly and are very durable.

Faswin Puck

There are many other brands of hockey pucks available. Faswin puck is weighted and sized to NHL standards. They are made of Vulcanized Rubber. They are also a great choice for a on ice hockey puck.

Hugflight Puck

Some pucks offer more textured side walls to help with grip and passing. The Hugflight Puck offers the textured side walls as well are weighted to NHL standards. It is a good choice for a puck.

Smart Hockey Puck

Smart hockey pucks are mad from Surlyn. The Surlyn makes the puck very resistant and durable. If you are looking to practice against a wall then this would ideally be your top choice. When ice isn’t available and you want to get out and practice. The Surlyn material is a great choice.

Vinyl hockey pucks are another option for practice pucks on or off the ice. The vinyl makes them flexible and durable. They can be useful tools for practicing. Vinyl can also be used on a floor surface which make them versatile.

Ehockey ice pucks blank

Ehockey offers ice hockey pucks to buy in bulk. They are made from Vulcanized rubber and meet standards set by the NHL.

There are many makes and models of hockey pucks for all ranges of players. For Both on and off the ice practice. The material chosen ultimately will depend on the location you will be playing in. Whether you will be practicing against a brick wall or on ice with your team will play a factor in the make and model of puck that is suited best. All materials offer their own advantages for practice. Buying in bulk is to a players advantage because you won’t be wasting time going to retrieve the pucks. Practicing with a standard size puck of 3 inches in diameter, 1 inch thick and 6 ounces is always the best choice. The size of a hockey puck is an important factor when choosing. Most of the pucks on the market today meet those standards.

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