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When choosing the perfect air hair hockey table there is a few things you should consider. Finding a table with a strong support should last the longest. Make sure the legs and base are very sturdy. Some air hockey tables have leg levelers so that the table would be level for the player. It's also best to find a table that is about 7 to 8 foot wide so that players of all ages can play. Solid aluminum or thick nylon rink have a long lasting life. Try to steer away from the fake aluminum, because it will take damage very easily.
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The Greatest of all time accolades comes in different sports and hockey is chock full of some of the greatest moments, athletes, teams and eras. There is a saying "fire in my heart and ice in my veins" which speak to the passion and toughness surrounding this sport. All that hockey is needs to be understood to grasp its' importance fully.
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Some years ago Sports Illustrated ran an interesting article interviewing professional athletes and describing which sports they would least like to participate in besides their own. Former heavyweight boxing champ Joe Frazier, who fought three boxing matches with Muhammad Ali, and who got punched in the face plenty of times, chose hockey as the sport he most would not want to participate in.