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Best PrestaShop Themes in 2016

PrestaShop popularity began to grow within last years just because of its amazing community around the globe. The community started to build a lot of themes and modules, which makes any shop feel complete. This way, I started to collect a list with the most loved and used PrestaShop Themes, this year so far. The list will be updated weekly so if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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Ecwid onPageLoaded early firing

If you want any JavaScript or jQuery script code to run when a certain page in the product browser widget of Ecwid is open, you need to use the Ecwid JavaScript API, more exactly the OnPageLoaded event.

Your js code should be wrapped into the function, then the function needs to be added to the OnPageLoaded hadlers.

For example, to add a placeholder to the search input you need to use the following code:

if (typeof(Ecwid) == 'object') {
    // an Ecwid JS API call
        // Regular JS Code
        function(page) { 
            if (jQuery('.ecwid-SearchPanel-field').length){  
                jQuery('.ecwid-SearchPanel-field').attr('placeholder', 'Enter your search term');

References: jsFiddle, Ecwid forum.

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