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Google Doodle: Anibal Troilo’s 99th Birthday

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Who is Anibal Troilo

Aníbal Troilo (born July 11st, 1914 in Balvanera (Buenos Aires) – died May 18, 1975 in Buenos Aires. Nicknamed “Pichuco“, Aníbal Troilo was an Argentine musician (Bandoneonist), arranger, bandleader, and composer of the tango.

Anibal Troilo’s life

Aníbal Troilo learned the bandoneón game at the age of 18 and worked as a professional musician in a silent movie theater in Buenos Aires in 1925.

Anibal Troilo played in a Sextet with the violinist Alfredo Gobbi. In 1929, he was initially a member of the Sexteto Vardaro-Pugliese and went in the same year to the Orquesta Típica of singer Julio Sosa. He also played in various other Tango formations. At times, Anibal Troilo accompanied the singer Carlos Gardel. During this time, he developed his distinctive style, which is hereafter referred to as Troilo-sound (Sonido Troilo).


In 1937 Aníbal Troilo founded his own Orquesta Típica, included a number of renowned tango musicians, including the guitarist Roberto Grela, and which was very popular until the 1950s. In 1952, Aníbal Troilo formed the Instrumentalquarett Cuarteto de Aníbal Troilo.

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