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Google Doodle: Bastille Day (Fête nationale française)

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The French national holiday (“14TH of July”) is the national day of the France. It was established by the Act in 1880, in reference to a double date, that of July 14, 1789, date of the storming of the Bastille, symbolic day resulting in the end of absolutism, of the society of orders and privileges, and that of 14TH July 1790, day of unity on the feast of the federation. It is a public holiday in France.

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The feast of the French Republic (La fête de la République française)

The date of July 14th is associated in people’s minds the storming of the Bastille by the people of Paris in 1789. This milestone of the French Revolution was commemorated the following year during the “Festival of the Federation”, July 14th, 1790, at the Champ de Mars in Paris. Feast of the union and reconciliation, the Fête de la Fédération brought together the national guards of the regions and Paris. The date of July 14th then ceased to be celebrated until the third Republic, who gave it the character of a national holiday, in reference to the storming of the Bastille but also and especially in reference to the Fête de la Fédération and the spirit of unity that had prevailed. Thus, since 1880, on 14th July is officially the French national holiday and symbolizes the French for the end of absolute monarchy and the beginning of the Republic.

Fête nationale française


The July 14th festivities (Les festivités du 14 juillet)

July 14th is the occasion of festivities at the popular success. In many cities, a military parade held in the day. Evening, balls and concerts are organized in all the communes in France, usually followed by a fireworks display. Dates may vary according to Commons: generally July 13rd is devoted to the popular dance and 14 to the Fireworks, but it can happen that the Fireworks is from July 13th in some municipalities, so as to not interfere with the festivities to other cities in the surrounding area. If you you do well, you may be able to attend two fireworks in two different locations!

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The Parisian festivities from July 14th, 2013 (Les festivités parisiennes du 14 juillet 2013)

As a prelude to Fireworks, fired fire from the Trocadero, the Mairie de Paris, France Télévisions and Radio France create a major event of the classical music from 21:30 with “the Paris Concert”, organized on the Champ de Mars.

Evening, you will attend the Fireworks Fireworks which starts at 11 pm. Access is by the Champ de Mars. The 2013 theme is “Liberty, equality, fraternity”. Visual effects will be set up for the occasion: more than 100 light projectors, projection of images, a giant tricolor flag hoisted on the Eiffel Tower…

14_juillet_2013_feux_artifices_tour_eiffel france

The day before, on 13 July, Parisian barracks will open their doors for the traditional dances of the Paris firefighters.

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