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Google Doodle: Indonesia Childrens Day 2013

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As we all see today, In the Indonesia Country, the Giant Search Engine has changes its beautiful logo again. And why they did this? The answe is here… Because of us, the childrens people of Indonesia:). Today its the Indonesia Childrens Day!!!

stanleytips google doodle childrens day 2013

Peringati Hari Anak Nasional Indonesia

Such as monitored directly to Google sites, Tuesday (24/7) early morning, Doodle on display this time shows the Google logo that replaced the letter O his uniformed schoolgirl Scouts and elementary students wearing red and white uniforms are hand in hand.

Look at the uniforms worn these two students and a diimbuhkan description of Google in the small column under the mouse cursor – when directed to the logo —, it is certain a Doodle that was unveiled today in commemoration of national children’s day 2013. This logo design specifically intended for users in Indonesia.

Children’s day commemoration, as quoted from the Wikipedia page, is celebrated differently in a number of countries. The international children’s day is commemorated on June 1, and the Universal Children’s day is commemorated on 20 November.

Indonesia’s children’s day ( Peringati indonesia Hari Anak Nasional ) is commemorated on July 23. Establishment of national children’s day contained in the decision of the President of the Republic of Indonesia No. 44 in 1984 on July 19, 1984.

Message from StanleyTips Stuff for all the indonesian childrens: Happy Childrens Day!!!!

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