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Google Doodle: Claude Bernard’s 200th birthday

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Who is Claude Bernards

Claude Bernard, born on July 12th, 1813 in Saint-Julien (Rhône) and died on February 10th, 1878 in Paris, was a French physiologist. Considered to be the founder of experimental medicine, he especially left his name to the Claude BernardHorner syndrome. He is the biological fundamentals of indoor environment and homeostasis.

Biographie of Claude Bernards

Claude Bernard was born in 1813 in the village of Saint-Julien in the Beaujolais region where his father was winemaker. The parish priest of the village, and then the priests of the college Notre-Dame de Mongre de Villefranche learn young Claude Bernard of the rudiments of latin and classical humanities whose study ends at Thoissey college.

He failed his baccalaureat. At the age of 19, he arrived in Lyon and as trainer at a pharmacy. After studies in pharmacy, he attempted a career as a playwright, he composed of vaudeville, but redirects to medical studies which he graduated in 1843 but where it fails to aggregation the following year. He bought a replacement for military service in its place. During his studies, he met Pierre Rayer (dermatologist), Émile Littré and Casimir Davaine.

He became professor at the College de France, the Sorbonne and the national Museum of natural history finally. His friend Balzac admired his work and followed with attention. He saw himself as agnostique. He has devoted his career to Physiology. Its work will be rewarded at the Academy of sciences in 1854, the Academy of medicine in 1861 and he was elected to the Académie Française in 1868. At his death in 1878, he had right to state funerals.

Claude-Bernard google doodle

He entrusts the care of his laboratory at the College of France Auguste Tripier, then later to Paul Bert. Auguste Tripier became his trainer as early as 1854 and together they will publish the results of their work.
In 1863, he moved to 14 rue Saint-Honoré and died February 10, 1878.

200ème anniversaire de Claude Bernard


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