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Google Doodle: Día de la independencia de Venezuela

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Google celebrates the Independence Day of Venezuela with a colorful Google Doodle. Today’s Doodle can be seen on the Google Venezuela Homepage ( The most famous search engine joins the celebration of the 202 years of the Independence of Venezuela with a colorful Doodle showing the Venezuelan flag along with an Oriole, the national bird of Venezuela, whose peak intertwines the national flag from the logo of Google .

Día de la independencia de Venezuela

The independence of Venezuela was the emancipation process developed between 1810 and 1823 in order to break the colonial ties that existed between the Captaincy General of Venezuela and the Spanish Empire. This process was united and held to be carried out in other countries in Latin, which reached their independence.

Among the most influential factors often highlighted the desire to Creole groups had social status and economic but political, introducing Encyclopedism ideas, the Enlightenment and the Declaration of Independence of the United States, the French Revolution and the reign of Joseph I of Spain.

 Día de la independencia de Venezuela google doodle

Importantly, the last battle he fought the independence of Venezuela was the July 24, 1823, with the Battle of Lake Maracaibo Navy under Admiral José Prudencio Padilla and the Battle of Carabobo on June 24, 1821.

The importance of Independence Day in Venezuela

The April 19th, 1810, after the Napoleonic invasion of Spain, members of the Cabildo de Caracas overthrow the then Captain General of Venezuela, Vicente Emparan. They claim to act on behalf of Ferdinand VII, king deposed from Spain, and in disobedience of Joseph Bonaparte. It establishes a Governing Board Conservative Ferdinand Rights) that takes various initiatives to establish similar boards in the provinces of Cumana, Margarita, Barinas, Barcelona, ​​Trujillo and Mérida and send diplomatic missions to countries that could support the insurrection : the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, United States and New Granada.
With the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the campaigns by Republicans began the Independence War. Venezuela was the first country in Latin America to declare its independence and the third in the Americas after the United States and Haiti.

Amid the war of independence, in 1819, came the idea of ​​the union of Great Colombia, enacted in the Congress of Angostura state comprising the former Spanish colonies of the Captaincy General of Venezuela, the Viceroyalty of New Granada and the Royal Audience of Quito. With the start of this fight, in full gateway to the continent and to the eradication of the last royalist stronghold in Peru at the hands of the Liberation Army, the American territories heritage of the Spanish monarchy organized into independent states.

After the Battle of Carabobo on June 24, 1821, which officially gave the independence of Venezuela, and after the release of Caracas, Cartagena, Popayan and Santa Marta on July 18 with greater impetus resumed work Cucuta constitutional to include newly emancipated regions. The May 24th, 1822 Quito sealed its independence at the Battle of Pichincha, on December 9th, 1824 is sealed in Peru and Bolivia in the Battle of Ayacucho. Peru and Bolivia were never part of the Gran Colombia but shared with Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela the Bolivarian Countries title.

Declaration of Independence Venezuela

How Bourbons attended the invalid provisions of Bayonne, leaving the Spanish territory against the will of the people, missed, despised and trampled the sacred duty which contracted with the Spanish of both worlds, when, with their blood and treasure, the placed on the bond in spite of the House of Austria, for this conduct were unfit and unable to govern a free people, who gave as a herd of slaves.

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