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Google Doodle: Tanabata Star Festival (Google Japan)

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Today’s Google Japan ( gives us the possibility to see again a brand new and professional logo which is representing the Tanabata Star Festival. With you have now the possibility to hear all the updated news and updates from Search Engines daily.

Tanabata-Star-Festival 七夕

Tanabata (七夕 – seventh night) is a traditional Japanese festival, one of the five holy days of the year, which is derived from the equivalent Chinese festival. The Festival falls on 7th of July (except some regions where it celebrates on 7th of August) when the stars Vega and Altair are crossing the sky.

tanabata japan
The Festival is linked to a popular legend of Chinese origin, of which there are different variations. According to the story, the two lovers Hikoboshi and Orihime (represented by the star Altair and Vega star) are separated by the milky way, can meet only the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the lunisolar calendar.



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