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Google Doodle: Ukichiro Nakaya 113th anniversary

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Today’s Google Japan ( gives us the possibility to see again a very important personality of the Japanese country and Japanese science. Google has changed its main logo with a Brand new Google Doodle which represent the 113th anniversary of Ukichiro Nakaya (akka 中谷宇吉郎 in JP). With you have now the possibility to hear all the updated news and updates from Search Engines daily.

ukichiro nakayas 113th birthday

Who was Ukichiro Nakaya?

Born on 4th of July 1900 and died on 11st of April, 1962 Ukichiro Nakaya (中谷宇吉郎) was a Japanese physicist and science writer known for his work in glaciology and low temperature science. He is credited with making the first artificial snowflakes.
nakaya google doodle

Ukichiro Nakaya’s snow crystals

In 1933, Ukichiro Nakaya observed natural snow and created 3,000 photographic plates of snow crystals, classifying them into seven major and numerous minor types. In these observations, taking photographs of natural snow and sorting their appearance depending on meteorological conditions, Ukichiro Nakaya felt the need to make artificial snow from ice crystals grown in the laboratory.
nakaya google snow chrystal
Ukichiro Nakaya generated water vapor into a tube of double-layer hollow glass, which was then cooled. Contrary to its initial expectations, creating snow crystals was not an easy task – instead of forming into snowflakes, ice crystals grew like caterpillars on cotton rope he used for nucleation.

On 12th of March 1936, three years after the first attempt, Ukichiro Nakaya produced a snow Crystal on top of a strand of hair from rabbit fur in his laboratory apparatus. In December 1937, Ukichiro Nakaya took photos of many types of artificial snow crystals from his lab. These photos were influenced by the 1931 book snow crystals Wilson Bentley, whom he admires greatly.

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