Google’s Modular Project Ara

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After a lot of waiting time Google will be officially launching the “developers” Project Ara in this fall.

Google is making a partnership with Samsung, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Toshiba, iHealth, TDK and Panasonic for one of the best modular results.

One of the new feature for the modules is that these can be ejected from the Google Now app with the phrase “OK Google, eject the speaker module” or any other module.

But unfortunately the screen, battery or chipset are integrated in the main frame.

These are some samples of teh Project Ara phone:

google-atap-project-ara-2016-1.0 google-atap-project-ara-2016-3.0 google-atap-project-ara-2016-4.0 google-atap-project-ara-2016-5.0


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