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How to change logo of a Pligg website version 2.0.0 RC2 (2013)

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Pligg is the most known open source content management system that easily lets you create your own personal social network.

Today we will explain within few simple steps How to change the logo of a fresh installed pligg website.

Step #1: Login into the Admin Dashboard;
Step #2: Click on Template menu from the Admin Panel, then select Template editor. Here you have the possibility to edit any template file from your template. In our example the template will be “bootstrap”.
Step #3: Here you will see a select containing all the files from your template. Select header.tpl and click the “Open” button.
Step #4: Replace:

[highlight]<a href=”{$my_base_url}{$my_pligg_base}”>{#PLIGG_Visual_Name#}</a>[/highlight]


[highlight]<div id=”logo”><a href=”{$my_base_url}{$my_pligg_base}”><img alt=”{#PLIGG_Visual_Name#}” src=”{$my_pligg_base}/templates/{$the_template}/img/<<Your Image Name>>” width=”160″ height=”100″ border=”0″ /></a></div>[/highlight]

Thats all. Now you have a new logo for your pligg board.

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