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How to: Play the Alien Game Google Doodle

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As we already see on some Google Homepages the newest Roswell UFO incident Google Doodle (On,, & more). After our presentation video of the Roswell UFO incident now we created for you guys a post where we will show you How to: Play the Alien Game Google Doodle.

How to play Roswell UFO incident

STEP 1: Get into the hole where the cow was, collect some liquid. Use it on the tiny plant beside it.
STEP 2: Then climb up and use the flour to feed the chicken.
STEP 3: Then the chicken will fly off and leave a feather.
STEP 4: You use the liquid again to water another plant. Climb it and you will get to the boy.
STEP 5: Use the feather to tickle the boy, he will wake up and the last piece of the UFO will somehow be given to you. (I pressed the doorbell several times but he refused to get up. So mine is the longer version)

RESULT: That’s all. Now the alien is fling away from our planet… HA HA nice Game from Google.

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