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How to remove magento poll block

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Magento is nowadays the most known CMS if we are talking about eCommerce. We all know that a magento store have at its base blocks. Category blocks, Subcategories blocks, polls block, manufacturers blocks and more. Todays question for Stanley is: How to remove a default magento block like: Mangento poll block?

In a Magento webstore you can easily remove the community poll block. Let’s see how to remove poll in Magento.

REMOVE blocks magento

First STEP: Login to the Magento Admin Panel. Go to system-> configuration. And click Advanced  options on the left. You will get a list of installed modules in Magento as the image below describes:

remove blocks magento

Second STEP: Find the Mage_Poll module and select disabled from the drop-down menu next to remove or disable the Magento community surveys.

REMOVE poll block magento

Third STEP: Save the configuration by clicking on the button “Save Config”. Then clear the cache of Magento or go to var/cache and remove all files.Upgrade your home page and see the community survey was successfully removed from Magento page. You can see below the result.

remove magento modules


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