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Iphone 5S, Iphone 5C Released today: Real photos

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LAUNCHING the IPHONE, IPHONE 5C and 5S. Tuesday, 10 September, Apple will hold an event at Headquarters in Cupertino. As always, the event is shrouded in mystery, but the international press claims that Apple will launch two new phones: IPHONE 5C and IPHONE 5S.

iphone 5c 5s released

Tim Cook announced and IPHONE 5S. IPHONE 5S will be available in black, white and “champagne” (a soft tint of gold) colors.

IPHONE 5S will be inspired by a new processor, A7. A7 is a 64-bit processor, and your IPHONE 5S is the first smartphone in the world that has a 64-bit processor.

IPHONE 5S offers performance of 56 times better than the first generation of the iPhone.

IPHONE 5C will be available in green, grey, sky-blue, pink, and yellow colors. IPHONE 5C phone will have a polycarbonate housing. Apple will also launch the iPHONE silicon covers 5 c.

iphone 5c

IPHONE 5 will have a four-inch screen and a chip type A6, like IPHONE 5. Will have the same back room as the IPHONE 5, but previous camera, FaceTime, HD VIDEO calls was improved.

IPHONE 5C 16 GB version will cost $ 99 with subscription in the u.s., with $ 100 less than a similar variant of iPhone 5.

[highlight]UPDATE: [/highlight] IPHONE 5 will be replaced by two phones: iPhone 5C and 5S.

[highlight]UPDATE: [/highlight] iOS operating system can be downloaded from 18 September. Tim Cook. Operating system iOS 4 will work on phones iPhone 4S, 4 and 5, the fifth generation of the iPod touch, iPad, iPad 2, 3 and 4.

ITunes Radio application is included in the iOS 4. Apple users can create their own radio stations.

The five applications can also be downloaded FREE iWork throughout the day Tuesday. The offer is valid for mobile iPhone 4, 4S and five, the fifth generation of the iPod touch, iPad, iPad 2, 3 and 4.

iphone 5c vs iphone 5s vs iphone 5

[highlight]UPDATE: [/highlight] Tim Cook started talking about iOS 4 operating system. In October, the device will ship with Apple number 700 million which works on the basis of the iOS operating system.

Craig Federighi came on stage and describes the new iOS 4 operating system. Virtual Assistant Siri has become more clever in iOS 4. If she addressed the question, says Lady Gaga? “, Siri looks on her Twitter account, and provides users with the latest posts.

Are some new ringtone and photo/video camera application, which contains Visual effects in real time.

[highlight]UPDATE: [/highlight] CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, came on stage. Talk about iTunes Festival, an event that will be organised with the help of the iTunes application.

Tim Cook discusses Apple stores around the world.

IPHONE launch 5S. 19: 54 — less than ten minutes until the onset of the event.

[highlight]UPDATE: [/highlight] IPHONE LAUNCH 5S. The new Apple Phone specifications have been made public in a document
According to an advertising material published in error before the IPHONE launch event, Apple’s new phone 5S. The IPHONE has a processor of 5S type A7, a video camera that can shoot in 1080 p quality with 120 frames per second and a battery with a battery of 250 hours in standby,

Stay on to track LIVE IPHONE launch event 5S and IPHONE 5 c, starting at 20: 00.

[highlight]UPDATE: [/highlight]IPHONE 5S, the phone that Apple will launch Tuesday, will bring back to life an tech who failed to catch the public for the first time, write columnists from the Wall Street Journal in an article dedicated to IPHONE 5S.

Fingerprint reader solution integrated into smartphones and PCs is seen by a good chunk of time as one useful to replace traditional passwords and authentication of user mijlocare, but until now has not been implemented successfully on a large scale.

LAUNCH the IPHONE, IPHONE 5 c 5S. As always, Apple event is shrouded in mystery, but the international press is replete with rumors of new products that Apple will launch. Here are still expected of specialists in technology from site:

iOS 7, the new operating system


One of the surest things related to Apple Tuesday’s event will be the announcement of a release date for the new iOS 4 operating system.

The beginning of the end for Apple? The new operating system for the iPhone, inspired from Microsoft
iOS 4 is radically changed the face of iOS 4. It is an obvious proof of the entire balanced operating system around a design language a lot simpler, “flat”. The whole interface seems made of layers that help you better understand the hierarchy of the applications open. Control Center allows you to quickly access common functions such as brightness, WiFi on/off, Bluetooth on/off, even the flashlight. Multitasking has been reinvented to display a card system with applications open.

The new operating system will run on iPhone 4 phones, 4S and five, the fifth generation of the iPod touch, iPad, iPad 2, 3 and 4. Most likely, the iOS operating system 7 will be downloaded as of September 18.

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