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Legend of Zelda Google Maps Easter Egg

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Hey everybody, something awesome its happening today on Google Maps! Its an Easter Egg! Yay, I’m very happy to indroduce you the new Easter Egg, called: Legend of Zelda.

How does this work? Go to Google Maps.Legend_of_Zelda_Google_Maps_Easter_Egg2

All you have to do is to drag the Google Maps little boy on the streets and play with it.


But why this easter egg? To celebrate the 4 March launch of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD for Nintendo Wii U, Google has snuck in an Easter egg into its Maps app. It turns the vanilla ‘Pegman’ street view guide into a miniature version of the franchise’s tunic-wearing blonde hero.

Let me know in comments sections what do you think! I think that this Easter Egg is just awesome.


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