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Office 2007 – How to generate Lorem Ipsum Random text

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Today I will show you a very simple tip in Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010. This tutorial iscreated using Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 but it will works with Office 2003 also because I will give you informations at the end of this post. First of all you need Office 2007 (Does not matter what version of Office you have – Professional or Enterprise).

If you are working on Microsoft Office Word and need to insert a sample piece of random text to demonstrate something, there is a quick way to do so. Just by typing in a very simple command and pressing enter, you can fill up your document with sample, lorem ipsum paragraphs.

Here we have all the steps to generate the random lorem ipsum text:

  • Open or Create a black Word document.
  • Place the mouse cursor where you want in the document, type “=lorem()” and hit Enter.
  • You’ll now see sample, random latin Lorem Ipsum paragraphs in your document, like in the next photo:

lorem ipsum

  • If you need a specific number of random lorem ipsum text or paragraphs containing a particular number of lines, you can do that quicky by typing =lorem(5,2), where 5 is the number of paragraphs and 2 is the number of sentences of each paragraph.

This will work only with Office Word 2007 and 2010. If you have Office Word 2003 then you must use =rand() command instead of =lorem(). This command will do same thing as the lorem command.


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