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Say Hello to “Android N”

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So, these day Google just announced that is taking public submissions for the new Android N – a dream which will come true as soon as possible for every android users and for sure for me too.


If you believe or not, right now Google is in a Naming Crisis(as described during the annual I/O developer conference this afternoon), so everyone, let’s submit our names for the new undercover Android N. Do submit your entry you can click on this link and you will help Google decide which name is the most suitable and lovely for this new software beauty.

To understand this thing better please watch this video, posted by #Android, on Twitter.

The new Android N could be named “Nut”, “Nougat”, “Nectar”, “Nectarine”, “Natto”, “Navy Bean” or “Noodles” according to the video from @Android’s twitter page.  They also made combinations such us:

  • Nut-Cho
  • Nut-Chill
  • Nuts+Nachos

Let’s be honest these names are just funny :). Because how business can be to call the most awaited version of Android – Android Nectarine or Android Noodles. Sincerely I love Nutella. So, to me this name is just perfect -> Android Nutella or Android Nuggets and it sound really cool.

I’ve created a Poll to see which is the most wanted name for the new Android version. Please let me know your opinion.

How would you name the new Android N?

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Do you have any naming suggestion or idea? Please let me know in a comment. Also if you enjoy this article don’t forget to share it.

Thank you!

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