Secure your iPhone with “Find My Phone”

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Bad news for mobile thieves, especially those who are looking for iPhones. Apple released these days the new iOS 7 service and the detection of a stollen device in the hands of thieves.

iOS 7 will be officially in this autumn with a new service called “Find My Phone“, where the user can thieves prey to deactivate the device using their online account. Once disabled, the phone will be impossible to use, writes Daily Mail.

Basically, the function will enable the user to block GPS off by an unauthorized person or deletion. Thieves will get their hands on iPhones from now will be forced to know details of the user who owns the phone log. Nice haa?!

Apple officials said that this measure “will be a real discouragement for the iphones thieves.” The app is now explaned by the Revision3 online media in a strong video:

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