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Best Deals Magento Themes

30 Best Magento Fashion Themes

We all know that Magento CMS is rising. Because its a very mature eCommerce platform, the Magento community started to build incredible themes. Todays presentation covers the Magento Fashion Themes Chapter. The entire list of items contains premium themes.

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eCommerce Ecwid

Ecwid onPageLoaded early firing

If you want any JavaScript or jQuery script code to run when a certain page in the product browser widget of Ecwid is open, you need to use the Ecwid JavaScript API, more exactly the OnPageLoaded event.

Your js code should be wrapped into the function, then the function needs to be added to the OnPageLoaded hadlers.

For example, to add a placeholder to the search input you need to use the following code:

if (typeof(Ecwid) == 'object') {
    // an Ecwid JS API call
        // Regular JS Code
        function(page) { 
            if (jQuery('.ecwid-SearchPanel-field').length){  
                jQuery('.ecwid-SearchPanel-field').attr('placeholder', 'Enter your search term');

References: jsFiddle, Ecwid forum.

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