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Tips to secure your online transactions

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Today I’m gonna show you some essential online transactions security rulles and tips. How to stay safe with your email account, how to staysafe against hacking attacks and how to avoid online transactions scams via card or email.

  1. Do not make any online transactions on unsecured online websites or stores. You must do transactions only with secure sites (with valid SSL certificates, for example: DigiSign) because you can share your password with hackers, you can pay for no service and many other “hacking services”.
  2. The website where you are doing a transaction must have HTTPS included in the url. ( egg. [highlight]HTTPS[/highlight]:// ).
  3. Not to make online transactions on untrusted websites.
  4. Keep in mind that any payment processor or online store does not ask for the PIN code of the card.
  5. It is preferable to use a card that is specially allocated for online transactions, which deposit money when the transaction needs to be made.
  6. It’s good to be set up alerts in your internet banking system for every online transaction. Via SMS or email. (Ask for this service at your card provider).
  7. You must verify in detail the statement of account; on a regular basis and to report suspicious transactions.
  8. Do not use passwords or pins similar to others.
  9. You must use an up-to-date browser. Internet Explorer is not recommended!
  10. If you are using Paypal, you must use different password than your PIN code or personal email.


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