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Google Doodle: Tour de France 2013 100th edition

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Google celebrates today the 100th edition of Tour de France with a Google Doodle. The Giant Search Engine has changed its logo today with a symbol of the tour. The Google logo is modified specifically for the centenary Tour de France, depicting two bicilişti dressed in the famous yellow shirts that pedal rush to the finish.

the100th to de france google doodle

Le Tour de France reaches 100th edition. The full program of the competition is listed below

Tour de France is an annual competition that takes place in France and its neighboring countries. Tour de France route has a total length of over 3,600 km and takes place over three weeks.

Tour de France takes place in several steps daily. Finally, to describe the winner accumulates times achieved by each competitor at each stage of the Tour de France.

Each day, the athlete with the lowest accumulated time at the end of the previous day of the Tour de France leader’s yellow jersey dress standings.

Tour de France takes place every year on a new route, but the competition always ends in Paris.

Since 1975, the last stage of the Tour de France takes place along the famous Champs-Élysées.

Tour de France – the first edition and first winner

Tour de France was first held in 1903 by Henri Desgrange, a French cyclist and sports journalist. The plan initially provided a race of five stages during the period 31st of May to 5th of July, even at night. Between stages were scheduled and days of rest. Because the plan for the Tour de France proved to be too costly and discouraging, only 15 competitors were entered in the first edition of the Tour.

henri-desgrange tour de france
Tour de France, 1st edition, Montgeron village started and ended in the Paris suburbs in Ville d’Avray.

That edition of the Tour de France was won by Maurice-Francois Garin It followed the route at an average speed of 25.68 km/h Last class, Arsène Millochau finished the Tour de France with a delay of 64 hours, 47 minutes and 22 seconds to the leader.


10 amazing things about Tour de France

1. The longest route of Tour de France was in the year of 1926 (5745 km).

2. The shortest route of Tour de France wasin the year of 1904 (2428 km).

3. Multi-speed bicycles were allowed on the Tour de France in1937.

4. Replacement of a damaged bike was allowed to Tour de France in 1923. Until then, the competitors had to repair bikes alone.

5. Tour de France was going to start all around France.

6. First disqualification from the Tour de France have been made even in the second edition of the competition. At the second edition 12 contestants, including the winner of that year – Maurice-Francois Garin – were excluded, [highlight]being accused of cheating[/highlight].

7. Tour de France passed through all regions of metropolitan France, excluding Corsica. This will change but this year, the region is included for pirma time Tour de France route

8. The youngest winner in the history of the Tour de France is Henri Cornet. He was 19 when he had won the Tour de France in 1904, after Maurice-Francois Garin, the original winner was disqualified.

9. The oldest winner of the Tour de France is Firmin Lambot, who was 36 years old in 1922.

10. The fastest successful escape at Tour de France is that of Albert Bourlon in 1947. In stage Carcassone-Luchon, he ran alone over 253 miles.




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